We breathe technology.

From simple devices for the home, to telemetry electronics for a factory, our passion is creating helpful technology that improves people's lives. // We create and sell products designed to help you live an easier more enjoyable life. // With a focus on usability, safety, efficiency and also style, our aim is to capture dreams, to draw out inspiration, bringing the future to the present.// Whether you are looking at a one-off bespoke product for your own use, or are considering a prototype with a view to mass production, we can help you bring your idea to life. // Alternatively, if you have a product and are looking at a development partner in Europe, to help get your technology to market, then give us a shout

Recent Work

Energy Efficiency

Devices for saving the energy used in the home, so as to lower your bills.

Home & Vehicle Security

Cameras, trackers and car security products.

Sports Innovations

Bicycle & motorcycle security and sports innovations.

Outdoor & Survival

Outdoor and survival products.

Green & Eco-friendly

Environmentally friendly products.


Innovations for the transport sector.

Software & Web

Web design and software innovations.


Other cool stuff we've been doing.

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To know more about our products, or if you have invented something which you would like to develop into a product, then contact us for a free and confidential no-obligation consultation on prototyping.